Meetings with the Dean

Meeting with the Dean, 12.3.08


Minutes of Exec meeting with the Dean (Colin Rhodes)
1pm, Wednesday 12th March 2008.
Dean’s Office.

1) Exit Gallery.
Deadline for when we have to move out of Exit Gallery extended by 1 month (to sometime in May) to allow for all shows already promised to people to go ahead. Exit Gallery to become an information centre with video displays and brochures. (For those reading this with no idea of what’s going on: a new student gallery called Dead Space will open in the old morgue just outside the library gate to replace Exit)

2) New SCA website
SCASS will have the opportunity to have space on the new SCA website. It should be easily updateable and be able to carry pictures from the latest student gallery openings etc.

3) SCAR Printing
SCASS wil be able to use thestaff photocopier to print SCAR, which means big savings for us over using the student copier.

4) Prolab
Currently not in operation, SCA’s digital photo printing facility should be operational again by the end of March. It will be in the detached room outside admin.

5) Callan Park
Possibility remains of uni taking over whole park. Student accomodation very likely.
SCA will probably stay, but the Dean’s preferred option would be a custom built facility in Eveleigh (the old railway spot there, near Carriageworks). Even if this happened though, it’d be very unlikely in the next 8 years.
Dean’s vision for Callan Park would be a cultural centre, with the USYD Architecture faculty and the Power Institute moving over – unlikely, but at very least some art collections would be good.
But all is still up in the air: should know by the end of this month if the Uni is likely to sign a deal on Callan Park, even then it would be 6 months until anything was signed. This would involve changes to the Callan Park act.
Dean’s opinion is that SCA is less likely to move if the uni DOES take over Callan Park.


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