SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS meeting minutes, 14.3.08

SCASS meeting minutes


1. Apologies and leaves of absence: Vice Prez Josh of course has our full support to be in Canada!

2. Minutes of previous meeting

3. Correspondence (see general Business)

4. Reports of exec (see general business)

5. General business:

1. The kitchen near the old office has been closed. We should contact Grant about it.

2. Clara e-mailed Grant about the keys for the new office. She will fwd the reply.

3. Everyone agreed that we need a regular meeting with Grant.

4. A roster for manning the office was organized:

Mon – Sach
Tues – Lisa
Wed – Danny/ Adam
Thurs – Clara
Fri – Andrew

The hours will be approximately 12 noon until 2pm.


– Everyone agreed we need to maximise sign-ups leading up to the deb ball.
– Andrew will talk to Jason about SCA based Access card sign-ups.
– Andrew will invite access to set up their stall at SCA on Wed 19th March.

6. AGM (16th April)
– Put up posters notifying student body of event and positions available.
– Make necessary constitution changes relating to the number of executive positions and the pricing of membership.
– Contact Josh about proxy nomination for an executive position.
– Work out a 2008 budget before the AGM.

– Andrew will get his friend to fill remaining DJ slot.
– Exec and volunteers will have to do a clean up after the event.

8. Clara will talk to Nerida about getting a card for printing.

9. The SCAR deadline is 9.00 pm on Sundays.


– Organize a day for Deadspace clean-up.
– Allocate up to $ 20,000 from the gallery fund for setting up, promoting and maintaining Deadspace in 2008.
– Consider yearly “Deadspace” publication.

11. There is a willingness on the part of COFA to have a combined Art School Ball.

12. Danny will type up our current member e-mail list.

13. Our new official e-mail is SCASSSQUATCH@


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