SCASS events

Inaugural Debutante Ball, March 20 2008


Inaugural Debutante Ball, March 20 2008

What a weird and wonderful night. Starting off with a freak out about liquour licensing and the somewhat lower than expected turnout, it developed nicely into a beautiful, chilled and sporadically crazy evening. Bar, DJs, beers on the grass, a spot of manic dancing, it was all there. Thankyou eternally to the here unnamed heroine who had to leave in order that we could change the event to an over-18s night and extend the liquor licence to the entire campus. You will receive blessings on earth and in heaven. In the end there was lots of free beer to be had, so that the union could cover bar costs. Which meant admittedly a decent (but not disasterous) loss for SCASS, but a great win for all the people who rocked up! 

Thankyou especially to Lisa for all the effort in organising the night, and all the SCASS crew and helpers (there are no borders to SCASS, there are no members and all SCA are members, ommm), who did everything from carting couches to chalking the walk to DJ-ing to decorating the hall to just being there.


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