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AGM 30 April! Loads of great positions, Free pizza & beer for SCASS Members.

Join the team! SCASS is holding it’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) on April 30. 1pm in the auditorium. With FREE BEER & PIZZA FOR SCASS MEMBERS. That’s where we decide who’s doing what for the next year! SCASS is what we make it. There’s not just the traditional executive positions, but a whole bunch of fun and creative roles to be filled, from Gallery Directors to art prize organisers to enviro officers! You don’t have to want a role to come, of course. But all positions offer invaluable experience that will enrich your prospects in whatever part of the art world (or so called “real world”) you think you’re headed for, in a supportive and un-bureaucratic environment. We’ll even give you a little certificate. How about that? So don’t just come for the lecture and leave, be part of bringing life to SCA! Note: you have to be a 2008 Union member to hold a position, i.e. have an Access Card. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, ACCESS WILL BE AT SCA THIS WEDNESDAY 16TH APRIL  AT LUNCH (With free BBQ & DJ too!) so you can get your card there. Or any weekday 9-5 in the Manning Building, main campus, or online. Even if you don’t have an ACCESS card at the AGM, we can work something out.

We’ll be dropping nomination forms all around the uni this coming week. Or pick one up from the SCASS Lounge (behind the lecture theatre, near the cafe) at lunchtime, or copy & paste it from the above post, or from our SCASS Facebook group (under the discussion board). Return it in person to the SCASS Lounge at lunch, or just email the relevant details to

Don’t worry about not feeling qualified for the job. You’ll learn on the job & get plenty of support. Learning is part of what it’s all about. Interest is the main qualification;-)

Positions available (not in any particular order): (Remember, you can be more than one position if you want, and most positions can have 2 or more people holding them, if they’re able to work well together.)

President: Have prophetic visions and plans for student life at SCA! Liase with everyone else.
Vice President: Deputise for president. Vice Prez could easily also have any other position, e.g. be a Gallery Director too, because it’s not such a defined role.
Secretary: Take minutes at meetings, follow up correspondence, make meetings, maintain membership list, keep society records, send emails, book rooms, etc etc! Organisational stuff. Good to get you organised!
Treasurer: Book keeping for society, make a Treasurer’s report. Great experience in financial skills! Artists need them too.

SCAR Editor(s)Publish SCAR, the SCA student newsletter, every week. Advertise for submissions, and make them up yourself! Be controversial, or not… Great experience in publications, v. creative.
Silver Spoon Gallery Director(s): Run the Silver Spoon student gallery,
under the Cat & Fiddle Hotel, 465 Darling St. Balmain. Attend Gallery Committe meetings. FANTASTIC experience for future artists and art administrators alike.
Dead Space Gallery Director(s) Run the BRAND NEW student gallery, Dead Space (the detached building outside the library gate). That’s a job with cred. Attend Gallery Committee meetings.
Gallery Committee chairperson
Facilitate meetings of a Gallery Committee every fortnight or week so that lots of SCA students can get involved in organising the galleries and have their say. This job could also easily be held by one of the directors of one of the student galleries.
Art School Ball Director(s)
Now if you like parties, this is a fun job for you. Organise an enormous kickass party and you will have fame and glory across all the grounds of Kirkbride & beyond. We’ve already told COFA we’d like to have a combined artschool ball with them. That’d mean lots of help, and the best Art School ball in living memory.
Year and studio representatives: A representative for each studio, and a rep for each year – that’s 12 representative positions! E.g. “Painting Studio Rep” or “First year representative”. An easy and official-sounding title! Communicate between your year/studio and SCASS. If you can, get SCASS funding for events in your studio/year, or organise things yourelf.
Publicity Officer(s): Make posters, do chalking, send quirky emails, play on Facebook. A very creative and important job!

IT Officer: Style the SCASS website. Play on the SCASS Facebook site. Help the technologically inept executive in all areas relating to IT – Web publicity, internet in the SCASS lounge, whatever creative
web solutions you think would benefit SCASS members.
Events co-ordinator(s): Make sure the USYD union is out here giving us lunchtime BBQs and events regularly, organise your own crazy shit! Liase with organisers of other events to make sure its running smoothly.
Sponsorship & Advertising Director(s): Liase with events and publications people and try to get businesses & cultural organisations to sponsor us or just help us out. Artists need these skills!
3 Weeds Art Prize Director (s) Organise the annual 3 Weeds art Prize, in the 3 Weeds Pub, Rozelle. A v. manageable but prestigious task!
SCASS Art Prize Director (s): This is the inaugural bigger than Ben Hur art prize of our new student society. Held at SCA. BIG prizes. Doubleplus good event organiser cred. Much better than volunteering for the Biennale. Sports officer(s): Organise the FA Cup (that’s Fine Arts Cup!), a soccer comp held every year between SCA, NAS & COFA. Get other stuffhappening if you can – croquet matches with beer? Fun & a great way to
meet people.

Film club co-ordinator(s):

Re-start the SCA Film club, screening Film students’ work alongside crazy arthouse/random stuff weekly or fortnightly or even monthly at lunchtimes in the SCA lecture theatre.
Music co-ordinator(s): Get music happening at SCA at lunch! We’ve got a drumkit, an electric guitar and (hopefully) amps already. Or even at Gallery openings if you’re organised.
Campaign Organiser (s)
SCASS has lots of reasons for existence, and one of them is to give voice to the political concerns that students at SCA have. Whether it’s Education, Environment (see also Enviro officer), Global Solidarity, or whatever interests you, the campaign organiser has a role in determining what flavour the activism on campus takes (as well as listening to what others think is important, of course!). This role should involve liasing with the SRC (Students Representative Council) on main campus sometimes, because they do most of the activism over there. Posters, petitions, patches, badges, even Direct Action or rallies, this could be a very exciting job. You could even get a little group going, at least on the web. Invaluable real-world experience if your art has a political edge. A good job for small groups too.
Enviro officer (s): Organise environmental stuff & campaigns on Campus. Like we have no glass & plastic recycling on campus – what’s with that? Run an enviro collective if you can! We have a banner!
Women’s, Queer, Anti-Racism officers: Deal with issues of discrimination and equal rights on Campus. Even organise a collective, events, an autonomous space… whatever you can.
Circus co-ordinator (s)
Organise a weekly clowning around session at lunch – poi, juggling, hula, acrobatics, parkour, whatever you think! SCASS will provide some basic equipment, and you just need to encourage people to bring their own stuff too. Publicise, get the stuff out at lunch – just a fun job!
NEW! Callan Park liason (s): The issue of Callan park, the university taking it over and the hospital getting kicked out are very controversial. SCASS needs someone constantly up-to-date on what’s happening, and engaged in the issues so SCA students are aware of it all. You should attend the monthly Friends of Callan Park meeting, 7pm first Monday of the month at the writer’s centre behind SCA. You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but you should go!



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