Meetings with the Dean

Draft agenda for meeting with the Dean, 26.5.08

If you have any concerns you want raised or comments to make, just email them to Your comments will remain anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

1) Recycling on campus
2) Getting keys to the SCASS lounge
3) Updating the SCA website with the real SCASS details
4) Request that SCASS be allowed to use the storeroom adjoining its office.
5) SCASS art prize 2008 – discussion
6) Usual discussion on how uni taking over Callan Park issues are going
7) Discounted SCAR printing
8 ) Canteen contract up for renewal? Possible Union interest.
9) Outline of some ideas/plans for rest of year  – Gallery space in Canteen area, clowning around days, SCASS presence at SCA Open Day, Combined Art School Ball with COFA/Midyear party, Film club, 3 Weeds art prize, possible Art Market on SCA Open Day, etc. 

Concerns students have brought to us:

a) Loud negative conversation about a lecturer overheard


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