SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

Minutes April 7 2008

Minutes April 7 2008


Present: Clara Chow , Sach Catts, Danny Kennedy, Lisa Farrell, Andrew Newman, Adam Adelpour


  1. Apologies




  1. Leaves of Absence




  1. Correspondence


-Andrew has been corresponding with Grant about using the hall but has no definite answer.


-Danny has begun devising non-exec positions for the running of SCASS.


-Sach is resigning from Silver Spoon Gallery Director position.



  1. General Business




-We all agree to have the AGM Wed 30th April 2008.


– We will have 5 executive positions. President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Gallery Director.


-We will have approx 20 non-Exec officer positions devised by Danny. 


-Andrew will continue to correspond with Grant about using the hall on the 30th.


-Danny will put up posters for the AGM advertising the event and the Officer and Exec positions.


– Danny will contact Josh Boerma about being Vice President.




         We will set some time at the end of semester two for the opening of Dead Space.




         We will keep the Silver Spoon if someone wants to run it.




         Date? Everyone agrees sometime around the end of second semester which doesn’t clash with the Grad Show.

         Venue? Everyone agrees we will submit proposals to Mori Gallery and SCA Galleries.




         Adam will organize meeting with the Dean ASAP.


         All of the Exec should produce a piece of writing about their position for the AGM.


         We (Exec) will write a draft of the annual report for Wed 16th April.









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