SCASS Agenda 9th May 2008

SCASS Agenda 9th May 2008

1. Verify AGM minutes and previous meetings minutes.

2. Unfilled Positions- Lecture bash on tues 13th May. Any nominations?

3. Website Meeting- Who should attend? Set an exact date.

4. SCA Open Day Aug 30th- We have been invited to have an event.

5. New link from official SCA website.

6. Pre-Event forms to get pizza at meetings.

7. Meeting Clubs and Socs on main campus – when is the best day? We could even organise 2 days.

8. Wally and Sarah will come to talk about the possibility of a student gallery on City Rd. on main campus

9. Jenny in the canteen wants student art

10. Keys – Danny has given Grant the relevant info, so we’ll hopefully get some soon

11. Roster for the office – available to fill out online too (above) if we don’t have time in meeting.

12. COFA Rompas party June 12 – can we join in? Venue?

13. Keys memo to Grant – who will be 2nd key holder?


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