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SCASS Minutes 2nd May

SCASS Minutes May 2 2008


Attended by all of the Core Exec and most of the General Exec.


  1. Apologies




  1. Leaves of Absence




  1. Correspondence




– The Next meeting with the Dean is at 1pm on Wednesday May 14. We need to work out an agenda.



  1. General Business




The unfilled positions are:


-Art Scholl Ball Director(s)

-Year and Studio Reps

-Sponsorship and Advertising Directors(s)

-Campaign Organiser(s)

-Enviro Officer(s)

-Womens, Queer, Anti-Racism Officer(s)

-Callan Park Liason(s)

SCASS Art prize Coordinator



We decide the most vital positions to be filled are the SCASS Art prize Coordinator and the Art School Ball Organizer. The SCASS Art prize Coordinator is a big job and preferably needs someone with experience in writing proposals so we can secure a good location. Over the next week the Exec will look into any possible candidates from their studios etc. We will also look into the possibility of recruiting first years by talking to them after their concepts class. The secretary will send out a SCASS wide e-mail as well. We plan to elect the new positions in two weeks time on May 16.






-We will have a specific meeting for the website in a few weeks with Chris Lapa.









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