SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS MINUTES 9th May 2008

SCASS Minutes 9 May 2008

Attended by: Adam Adelpour, Sach Catts, Clara Chow, Peter Dixon, Lisa Farrel, Sam Henning, Danny Kennedy, Wally McCall, Maryke McGrath, Sarah Newall, Elizabeth Seares, Thomas Short, Adam Varnhed

1. Apologies and leaves of absence


2. Correspondence/ Exec Reports


-Wally McCall outlined a potential opportunity for a new gallery on main campus. Possible locations are the Holme Building or the current location of the Hermanns Bar.
-Details are in “Proposal for New Gallery” located on the “NEW GALLERY PROPOSAL” post below this one.

– We need to someone to co-ordinate the early stages of the project and liase between main campus and SCASS. This person would also write the proposal to be submitted to the union and other relevant stakeholders.

-The position would be open to an SCA graduate or student.

-We could write a 10 percent commission into the position for the Gallery Director as an incentive.

-We will try and find candidates by next meeting.


-Organizers are trying to find a suitable day which doesn’t clash with other events.

3. General Business


-Angela Vogiatsoglou needs to meet the new exec members. This need to be co-ordinated by the exec ie. what time, what day.

– A unanimous decision was made to submit pre-event forms for pizza at meetings.

– We still need to meet with Chris Lapa about the website.

-Danny Kennedy typed up a memo about keys to the office for Grant Crompton. Danny will hand it in. The proposal is 3 keys for the office. 2 people would hold keys and admin will have the other with a list of authorized users. Pete Dixon will have one key Danny Kennedy will have the other.

-The people who take on the Art School Ball Organizer(s) position will also liase with COFA who’s student organ has shown interest in a co-party. They have invited us to their “Roompas” party, Pete Dixon will talk to his COFA roommate about this.

– Exec reports about their respective positions will be on the agenda in future meetings.

– Sam Henning will send out an e-mail about cafeteria art.

– The AGM and previous meetings minutes were verified.


-We have decided to have an event on SCA Open Day August 30. The skeleton of our plan is to have a BBQ, DJ and Access. We will add details closer to the date.


-We will put circus safety on the agenda for the Dean meeting.


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