Agenda for meeting 23.5.08

Correspondence: Affiliated sites committee email, Illyrian jeans invite for SCA students

1) Meeting with Dean next Monday 26th
2) Affiliated sites committee – who will attend?
3) Election of people to remaining positions, especially SCASS art prize directors
4) Report backs – especially talk about “Food Space” gallery, Film club, music (for BBQ on June 4), clowning around equipment, new gallery on main campus.
5) SCASS stickers – showing all important emails, websites etc.
6) Updating SCA website details (we need a Deadspace website too, at least a blog for now?)
7) We need to set DATES for all SCASS events this year. Could all exec members responsible for organising events please confirm dates ASAP.
8) Office roster – is permanent roster or weekly updated better? Filling out roster.
9) SCASS Facebook group – remember to join it, upload photos!
10) Contributions to SCAR


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