SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 16th May

SCASS Weekly Meeting  Minutes 16th May


  1. Apologies and Leaves of Absence




  1. Correspondence and Exec Reports


                      Arts School Ball Directors proposed themes for the ‘Roompas’ party and the Art    School Ball. They are: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ for Roompas and ‘Great Artists and Artworks’ for Art School Ball. The Roompas party is June 12 at Q BAR on Oxford street.


                      Danny Kennedy reported back on the keys for the office. We need one more set returned to Grant Crompton before the ball starts to roll.


                      Sach Catts has started a financial outline for the potential New Gallery on main campus and will have it done by the 22nd May meeting.


                      Pete Dixon has put up a roster in the SCASS Lounge for minding the office.


  1. General Business


            NEW EXEC MEMBERS


         Luke Calarco and Barbie Procobis are the new Directors of the provisionally titled ‘Foodspace’ gallery outside the canteen/café.


         Meeghan O’Shea is the new SCASS Environmental officer.


         Tessa Stevens, Allie Foster, Belle, Annika and Josie are all the co-operative Arts School Ball Directors. They will also be handling the upcoming COFA/SCA ‘Roompas’ Party.


         We still need a group to organize the SCASS Art Prize ASAP.





         BBQ minutes and 9th May meeting minutes were verified.


         The core exec will meet Chris Lapa at 1pm on Thursday 22nd May to discuss the website.



         The next SCASS BBQ is June 4th. Jack McGrath is planning to do an outdoor Film Night on the lawn following the BBQ and a masters student has shown an interest in doing performances at the same time. Both could potentially be regular Wednesday events.


         Make sure any planned events go through the SCAR and Publicity Officers.


         Everyone is free to use the P.A system in the SCASS Lounge.


         Next meeting is 23rd May and all are welcome.


         Meeting with the Dean has been moved to Montday the 26th May at 1pm in the Deans office above admin. All exec welcome.





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