SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 24th May

SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 24th May

Attendance: Adam Adelpour, Liz Seares, Annika Harrisson, Miriam Chatt, Laura McLean, Luke Strevens, Sam Henning, Adam France, Jack Mochan, Zoe Medcraft, Maryke McGrath, Lisa Farrell, Thomas Short, Danny Kennedy, Luke Calarco, Barbie Procobis, Peter Dixon

1. Apologies and Leaves of Absence


2. Correspondence and Exec Reports

– Foodspace Directors are looking for space to store the unwanted furniture and ornaments from Foodspace. The SASCA memorabilia like the trophies will be moved to the SCASS Office.

– E-mails have been sent to COFA about the details of Roompas by Danny Kennedy. Annika Harrisson has also tried to call them. There is no definite news but the Art School Ball Directors will liase with COFA. Roompas is June 12.

– Chris Lapa has met with the Exec and SCASS has purchased a Domain name and webspace. Sam Henning and Miriam Chatt will make contributions for graphics. Other graphic contributions are welcome and so are any ideas.

– Circus will tentatively start in Semester Two. Elizibeth Seares needs help to make the juggling balls at some point.

– Adam Varnhed has talked to Masters students about doing quarterly shows to keep Deadspace full.

– Next Dean meeting is Monday 26th.

– Andrew Newman will put in a proposal to the SCA Galleries for the SCASS Art Prize.

– The Publicity Officer will start making some SCASS promotional stickers.

– We need to set dates for all SCASS events for this year by the start of 2nd Semester.

– The Three Weeds is still finalising a date.

– Luke Calarco is considering starting an SCA Drama Club.

3. General Business

– The missing deadspace key has been returned to Grant Crompton by Laura McLean.

– Minutes of 16th May SCASS meeting were passed.

– Make sure you E-Mail SCAR Editors your stuff, events art, cartoons, anything 2d.

– We are considering SCAR colour printing as a possibility and also having an advertisement place which could pay for printing.


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