SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

Dean Meeting 26th May

Dean Meeting 26th May


Attendance:  Adam Adelpour, Luke Strevens, Danny Kennedy, Peter Dixon, Adam Varnhed, Meeghan O’Shea, Colin Rhodes, Grant Crompton



  1. Apologies and Leaves of Absence




  1. Correspondence


          The University has been gifted a collection of outsider art. Two of the installation rooms in building 11 are being converted into a gallery for this and future collections.

          Colin would like people to know the University of Sydney has not mentioned Callan Park in its 2020 campus infrastructure planand is not responsible for the removal of the mental health facilities.

          Colin suggested approaching Grammer Schools, Public Schools and TAFE for possible exhibitions using their galleries.




  1. General Business



         Recycling is not provided by the council. Grant Crompton will look into the university policy and if it covers SCA for private recycling. If it does he will get recycling, if not he will look into pricing it to be paid for by SCA.



         Grant can now re-issue the office keys upon the submission of the card/key forms.



         The storeroom cannot be used by SCASS as it is a much needed general AV storeroom. SCASS will do an inventory of our stuff and get back to Grant about an alternative storage space.



         SCA has purchased a coin operated phone and is waiting for Telstra to install it in the foyer.



         Liaise with Grant Crompton for Film Nights.




         SCA may introduce Access benefits as part of the new contract for the café space when it comes up later this year.



         We have been okayed for our BBQ/DJ/ACCESS/MARKETS on SCA Open Day.




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