Agenda for meeting 6.6.08

1) Verify last meeting minutes.

2) BBQ debrief, what can we do better next time etc.
3) Report backs
*SCAR – are we getting cheap printing?
* Art School Ball crew
* SCASS art prize – do we have a proposal in?
*and others:)
4) New SCASS noticeboard (will need to be moved for “Foodspace” gallery)
5) IT items – can we connect the remaining office computers to the net? Any moves on website? Updating Uni website with SCASS details.
6) What we need to do over the holidays
*get website functional
* get Deadspace up&running
* Sort out SCAR format, get a week 1 SCAR ready with all the upcoming events of the Semester advertised.
* Make stickers publicising SCASS & its services
* Finalise dates for ALL events in Semester 2, basic planning of all events
* Streamline office organisation/connect computers to net
* get publicity ready for Week 1 Sem 2 – Art Prize, Art School Ball, Deadspace Opening, 3 Weeds Art Prize – let’s hit it early with all of these things.
* and more


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