Holiday Meeting Agenda, 18.7.08

– Report backs – Verge Arts Festival, Deadspace Gallery, the new gallery in the canteen common room, Silverspoon Gallery, Fine Arts Cup (soccer comp), 3 Weeds Art prize, SCASS website, SCAR, recycling on campus, Art School Ball, SCASS Art prize, etc.

– Finalise dates for all the above events, talk about them, sort out publicity.

-Degree shows – we need a representative

– SCA Open Day – SCASS BBQ planning, meeting with Nerida about this in the first week back.

– SCASS on the SCA website – edit Danny’s draft plan

– SCASS stickers – can we get some made up?

– Foodspace needs cleaning up – there is paint on the floor and window sills. And is Foodspace the name we want to go with? 

– Degree show meeting, 2pm Monday 21st July (next Monday). Who can go? Who will be the Degree Show Rep?


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