SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS Minutes 18 July 2008


SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 18th July 2008



  1. Apologies and Leaves of Absence




  1. Correspondence and Exec Reports


– Kat Kleu submitted a written report on the current 3 Weeds Prize situation.SCASS is able to put up some of the hanging costs for the prize, to be negotiated closer to date. SCASS will also operate a voucher system for free drinks on the opening.


  • Luke Calarco reported that he has begun to paint Foodspace. Most of the room will be gallery space but a lounge area for students will remain.


  • Luke Calarco will be canvassing interest for an SCA Drama Club at the start of semester.


– Adam Varnhed reported that DEADSPACE is still being measured for refitting.

  1. General Business


  • SCASS will enquire to the Dean about possible renting of the space opposite SCA on Balmain Rd.


– Josh Boerma is elected as Grad Show rep.



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