Dead Space Gallery / SCASS events

Ded Space opening Friday 22 August 2008, 5-8pm – ‘Sorry’: Danny Kennedy, sound by Matt Yeldham

Opening at ‘Ded Space’ – ‘Sorry’: Danny Kennedy, sound by Matt Yeldham
Friday 22 August 5-8pm
Supported by USU’s Cash for Art program
Ded Space (so named after its location in the former morgue of the old mental hospital) is the new student gallery at SCA, and this will be the second opening there ever. It’ll be mostly projected photography and video by Danny Kennedy from 2nd yr sculpture, with sound by Matt Yeldham from the same studio. There’ll be food & drink on the house, and it’s a nice little space, a freestanding building outside the main wall of SCA with its own lawn and peppercorn tree (see attached map).
Just remember to bring warm clothes! The building is pretty small and the night may be cold.
It’ll also be open 11am-5:30pm Sat 23rd & Monday 25th August.
There are still spaces in Ded Space for semester 2, so send your enquiries and exhibition proposals to

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