SCASS Ordinary Meeting Agenda 29th August 2008

1. Reportbacks

2. Business from Report Backs

3. SCA Open Day. Last minute tweaks. I.e. organising a whole BBQ from scratch. Make sure everyone working is cool with it.

4. Deadspace opening Debrief. How the opening went. Lighting?

5. New SCAR Editor. Any takers?

6. SCASS Art Prize. Any news?

7. Verge news from Danny. Note Danny is the Verge reporter not the Verge organiser:) Jumping castle…

8. Postgraduate Forum will be held on September 9 at 1pm in the Loggia at Manning House.

9. Q&A Bill Shorten 11 sept. Bus for 13+

10. COFA comic book guy wants us to send gourp e-mail. Wants student art. Advertise SCAR?

11. Rundown of guidelines for running an event  – what you have to tell the treasurer etc.

12. BBQ Wednesday next week – gameplan, publicity

13. Meeting with Jason Gantry & 3 weeds next week


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