SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 22nd August 2008


1.Apologies and Leaves of Absence




2.Correspondence and Exec Reports


  • Dedspace walls were installed and painted on 21st August 2008.

  • 1st Monday of September is the Abbotoire opening. 5-6 pm. The Space will be painted over the next few days.

  • Circus will be on Wednesday next week.

  • Grad Show book images and blurbs are due Mid September. Images in JPEG format.

  • On Tuesday and Wednesday this week Peter Dixon and Adam Varnhed went to main campus and had meetings. Pete will bring the minutes to next meeting. The topics raised were more Access benefits at SCA and in relation to that USU applying for the cafeteria tender.

  • Silver Spoon opening next Tuesday. 2nd Year Print Student.

3.General Business


  • Sam will do the publicity for Abbotoire’s upcoming show.

  • There will be a SCASS BBQ on SCA Open Day. Pete Dixon will talk to Angela from C&S about food safety.

  • SCASS’s interest in ABC’s Q&A will be confirmed.

  • The office keys will be brought up again at the next Dean meeting.


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