This post is giving notice that a SCASS General Meeting will be held on 19th September 2008 from 1pm – 2pm. We will be voting to amend our constitution so it matches the USU model. The following additions to the SCASS constitution will be voted into existence or oblivion:

10.2 Constitutional amendments do not become effective until approved by the Clubs and Societies Committee and ratified by the Board of the University of Sydney Union.




11.1 All property of the Society shall be vested in the Executive, and shall be dealt with in such a manner as Directed by the Society in an Ordinary Meeting.


11.2 The Society shall maintain a bank account.


11.3 All payments of the Society shall be by cheque, signed by at least two members of the Executive, one of whom must be the treasurer.




12.1 The Society may be dissolve by resolution of a two-thirds majority vote of those members present and voting at a General Meeting. If on the dissolution there remain any monies or property , they shall, with the consent of the Clubs and Societies Office, be transferred to a cultural, charitable or educational organization as the Society in a General Meeting may resolve.

12.2 The Secretary shall give at least fourteen (14) days notice of the time and place of such a General meeting through one of the recognized publications of the University of Sydney Union and, if possible, the Society notice board and, if possible, by a mail-out to all members. (A mail-out is understood to include communication by e-mail.)




13.1 The Society shall be deemed inactive after any continuous six month period in which the Society does not hold any events or engage in financial activity. If upon inactivity there remains any monies or properties, the C&S Auditor and the C&S Manager shall become signatories of the Club account and the Clubs and Societies Office shall control such properties and held in trust. After a further six month period, all money shall be deposited into a USU-administered trust account, and will be returned to the club should it reform. After a total of eighteen months inactivity, all club funds will be transferred to the USU general account.




14.1 The Society shall comply with all requirements of the University of Sydney and the University of Sydney Union for recognition as a registered society of the University of Sydney Union.


This Constitution was adopted on the____day of__________________,200___.


President’s Signature _____________________________


Secretary’s Signature ___


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