SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCA Dean Meeting Minutes 10 September 2008


SCA Dean Meeting Minutes 10 September 2008

Attendence: Colin Rhodes, Grant Crompton, Peter Dixon, Adam Varnhed, Danny Kennedy, Adam Adelpour.


1.Apologies and Leaves of Absence




2.Correspondence and Exec Reports

  • Ded Space Directors will be doing renovations on the Gallery this week.

  • The line has been installed for the SCA payphone.

  • There is informal talks of an SCA connected gallery on Camperdown Campus which would be a flagship SCA Gallery to be rented out commercially in the student holidays.

  • The SCA Cafe contract is expiring in late December 2008. A 15% discount for Access members will be written into the new contract.



3.General Business


  • SCASS will hencforth notify Colin Rhodes (SCA Dean) when Ded Space openings are taking place.

  • Dean and Grant Crompton okayed the removal of Ded Space carpet.

  • In future we will have to tell Brett and Marie to put Ded Space openings on the security log in advance.




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