SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS General Meeting Minutes 10th September 2008


SCASS General Meeting Minutes 10th September 2008


1.Apologies and Leaves of Absence




2.Correspondence and Exec Reports


  • The most recent Ded Space opening went well.

  • Agar Dish was well attended and drinks were provided to Access members by SCASS courtosy of Jack McGrath’s organization.

  • Maryke McGrath donated some alcohol to the film night.

  • The next Abbotoire opening is in early October. It is titled ‘Fresh Meat’ and is a strictly first year exhibit. Their e-mail is

  • The film night is on the 26th September 2008. Volounteers are needed.

  • SCASS will accept a donation of cathode ray tube TV’s.



3.General Business

  • Josh Boerma and Sarah Newall have taken on the directorship of the SCASS Art Prize.

  • Voting on Amendments: 10.2 voted in unanimously, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 voted in unanimously, 12.1, 12.2 voted in unanimously, 13.1 voted in unanimously, 14.1 voted in unanimously.


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