SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 26th September 2008


SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 26th September 2008


1.Apologies and Leaves of Absence




2.Correspondence and Exec Reports

  • Ded Space has ripped up the carpet and needs to store four big panels of MDF.

  • Jack McGrath was happy with the film night he organized, he made $180.

  • There is a couple more silver spoon shows this year.




3.General Business

– Peter Dixon wants us to be strict about Access cards so as not to get ripped off by non-holders at events.

  • We have two more ‘Major Events’ left. One will be usd for the Art School Ball 28th November and the other for SCASS B’Day Exhibition in all the Galleries on the 29th October.

  • We will have a General Meeting on the 22nd October to elect new exec to replace leaving members.

  • We will rent our PA system and mike stand to the Fauvett and Harold Tribe for $100.

  • We will write up all borrowed items on the whiteboard.

  • Next meeting 10th October.


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