SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 17 October 2008


SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 17 October 2008


1.Apologies and Leaves of Absence




2.Correspondence and Exec Reports

On Wednesday 8th was the USU C&S Awards. SCASS received the highly commended encouragemant award and the Best Satellite Campus Award.


-People have begun to submit wirk for the Fresh Meat show in the Abbotoire.


-There is a meeting with the Dean Colin Rhodes Wednesday 8th Oct @ 1pm.


-SCA students did an exchange exhibition in Melbourne.


-The SCASS website is almost finished. There is a website meeting 1pm Monday 6th October.


-5th November is the Art School Ball @ Q-Bar. There will be up to six bands playing.


-Pete Dixon has a show at Ded-space on Wednesday 22nd October.


-SCASS 1st B’Day shows on 29th October.


3.General Business

Ded-Space needs lighs and Javril may be having a show on Tuesday 14th October.


-A guy wants to borrow speakers for post-grad show. If he does’nt have Access he has to pay.


-Danny will talk to Angela from USU about paying an SCA student for regular BBQ DJ.


-SCASS has around $6000 to spend before next April.


-All exec positions will be open for the General Meeting 22nd October.



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