Minutes- 27/3/09

-AGM shall be held in the auditorium

– SCASS storage facility is possibly lost- Angela will speak to Grant about this

– SCASS office must be cleaned

-Boxes may be sent to help with storage

-It may take 6 weeks- 2 months for audit to be processed by Fiona

– There is a new student gallery on level 1 of the manning building

-Cash 4 Art close date is the 24th of april

– Short film competition deadline is the 1st of may- theme is water

-Film making workshops at manning building will be held

-We will apporach studio chairs to encourage students to apply for competitions such as cash4 art ect.

-At next meeting with the dean, we shall arrange this

-T-Shirt competition has online voting, prize is $1000

-PALM awards are in 2nd semester

-Online ACCESS registration may make signing up easier for SCA students

-Student gifts for BBQ’s

-The Bull is being delivered to Marie every week, maybe it should be delivered to Nerida?

-Look into getting a news stand

Grant in charge of SCASS copy card- still unresolved

-Seperate SCAR meeting lunchtime monday

– May film screening at hermans, will contact Jack


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