SCASS Meeting Minutes 13th of March 2013

SCASS MINUTES: Held at 12PM on the 13-3-13 in the SCASS office

Apologies: Verena Heirich, Bryden Williams


 Potential Directors: Hayley and Charlie Utz

Potential Committee members: Julian Bowman, Nina Dobrowski and Dylan Hukins

  • When new gallery is established, potentially only fortnightly openings.

New Gallery 2013 news:

  • Openings to coincide with RCAP, paper plane and Artereal shows.
  • Interested in new gallery as directors/staff/volunteers so far:

Cleo, Michael Orehek, Belle, Meghan Rheynolds, Navid and Allana McAfee.

  • Meg advised that written applications will be considered for Director rolls.


Co-society gatherings:

Architecture and design society and the fine arts society, want a combined event.

Potentially a Verge show, Push Pull art-collective idea, happening around mid to late April.

Hayley, Belle and Meg want to organize.


Graffiti tunnel party, BYO, SCASS supplies paint etc.

Agar Dish Performance event:

Still looking for a director

Sport – Sport starts Week 3!!!

Monday meditation

Tuesdays Soccer

Thursday Yoga

Sports director: Hayley

SCASS student show outside of Uni:

Commercial or established ARI’s around Sydney.

Positions available at AGM:

All positions are available to be run for

However these are the roles people are yet to show interest in:

Second Semester Secretary, Minister of Propaganda(team of), SCAM editor, Art School Ball director/s and co-director/s,

Next meeting will be next Wednesday 20th March 12pm SCASS office

AGM set for 10th of April 2013 space to be allocated


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