SCASS Meeting Minutes 20th of March 2013

SCASS MINUTES: Held at 12PM on the 20-3-13 in the SCASS office

Shuttle Bus:

Concerns were raised about the times that that bus comes to SCA and how they’re not relevent to 10am classes. An email will be sent explaining our needs, however this was brought up last year and they wont be able to change this until next semester.

A New Space for SCASS:

As the common room is rarely used, tryout of weeklly meetings into this room as it is larger and more comfortable, will provide tea, coffe, biscuits to entice people.


Try out two SCASS meetings a week as many people can’t make the times due to the weekly Wednesday Artist talks.  possibly Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12-1pm in the common room.

SCASS student show outside of Uni:

organise a meet with Mori Gallery

idea of affordable sellable art, potentially called “Monopoly”



SCAM andHoni Soit call out for a SCASS representative editor.

and minister of propaganda needed, organise a team this year


Next Tuesday for Gallery talk, Dedspace and New Gallery

to discuss the buisness plan, directors, orgainse initial call outs etc. 12pm SCASS office.

next meeting will be Wednesday the 27th of March




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