DedSpace Wants You!

Dear all SCA Citizens!

DedSpace Gallery is looking for new Directors and Committee Members for 2013!

Although there are already some interest in these positions, we are looking for further contributors to this amazing experimental and creative space at our disposal.

So if you are interested in participating in SCA campus life and want to be part of operations of this amazing space, come along to the SCASS Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 10th April 2013. (Location to Be Confirmed – Usually in Tending Garden or Undergraduate Student Common Room).

At the AGM, all those interested in the positions available at SCASS can put their hand up and be democratically elected by their peers.

Best part is that there is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! You learn on the job and previous directors will assist you if you need help!

This is one of the best ways to gain the experience necessary for future participation in the art community!

DedSpace Positions Available:
Co-Directors (Max 3 People)
This is a team position and the responsibilities are shared among the chosen directors.

Some tasks include:
– Exhibition call outs & Schedualing
– Dealing with Exhibiting Artists and/or Curators
– Managing DedSpace Email
– Managing Facebook Page & Event Invites
– Managing and updating DedSpace Blog & twitter acconts
– Dealing with existing and potential gallery sponsors
– All promotion and coordination of the space for smooth operation.
– AND MORE!!!!

Committee Member (No Limit)
We like to call these the minions at the disposal of directors!
Responsibilities May Include:
– Setting up Drinks and Snacks for openings
– Manning the desk at openings – Usually done on a rotating roster
– Assisting exhibiting artists with installations
– Assisting Directors with painting and maintenance of space
– Enjoying a great night at every opening!

What is DedSpace you ask?

DedSpace Gallery is a student-run, not-for-profit gallery located in building 15 of Sydney College of the Arts (SCA). It is made possible with funding from University of Sydney Union (USU) and Sydney College of the Arts Student Society (SCASS), both of which are directly funded by ACCESS program membership.

We aim to provide a venue for students to exhibit their work and to gain professional experience to further assist them for a future outside of the university setting. We also intend to foster the student experience by providing a space that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue and critical discussion.

We look forward to seeing you at the SCASS AGM on 10th April 2013!


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