DedSpace Gallery

DedSpace Gallery is a student-run, not-for-profit gallery located in building 15 of Sydney College of the Arts (SCA). It is made possible with funding from University of Sydney Union (USU) and Sydney College of the Arts Student Society (SCASS), both of which are directly funded by ACCESS program membership.

We aim to provide a venue for students to exhibit their work and to gain professional experience to further assist them for a future outside of the university setting. We also intend to foster the student experience by providing a space that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue and critical discussion.

DedSpace Management:
DedSpace Gallery is managed and operated by a panel of co-directors that are members of SCASS. All exhibition applications and proposals are reviewed by the panel and are approved based on their merits. The panel looks for submissions that are well presented and are developed both conceptually and visually.

Interested in showing your work at DedSpace Gallery?
If you are an SCA or University of Sydney student you are eligible to apply for a show.
Simply download this pdf and email it back

DedSpace Gallery Exhibition Application 2013


DedSpace Gallery
Sydney College of the Arts
Balmain Rd, Callan Park, Rozelle, NSW, 2039

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