SCASS meetings/minutes of meetings

SCASS Minutes 1st August 2008


SCASS Weekly Meeting Minutes 1st August 2008



  1. Apologies and Leaves of Absence




  1. Correspondence and Exec Reports


  • -Barbie Procobis (Foodspace Director) has left SCA. She has been replaced as Foodspace Director by Meeghan O’Shea.


  • -Foodspace is henceforth called The Abbotoire.


  • -Meeghan O’Shea is still liasing with Grant Crompton about getting recycling on campus.


  • -Sam Henning is currently making some official SCASS flags.


  • -Adam Varnhed has obtained a quote for the mdf required to refurbish Deadspace and is ready to purchase it.


  • -Danny will be having a meeting regarding Mori donation to SAP soon.


  • – Josh Boerma has attended the first Graduation Show meeting and will publish details is next SCAR.


  • – Danny Kennedy has set up an office key and access list with admin for use by members.


  • – Garry Owen pub is Rozelle has contacted Jack Mochan about running an art space on the upper floor of the pub. This could run in place of Silver Spoon or seperatly from it. The pub would pay for the space to be painted. The space could be used for regular student openings.


  • Jack Mochan has locked film night into 24th September.


  1. General Business


  • – Danny Kennedy will contact Angela at C & S about more vege patties for BBQ and also request Access have a sign up at the next BBQ 5th August.


  • – SCASS needs to contact Chris Lapa regarding the website.


  • – Jack Mochan, Laura McLean and Josh Boerma will be organising the next BBQ.


  • – Deadspace shall go to a graduating SCASS member during the end of year Grad Show.


  • – SCASS will contribute a public kettle and microwave to SCA students. They will be placed outside the cafeteria.


  • – A proposal for the SAP is needed. Sam Henning will advertise.


  • – An Office minding roster will be put up.


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